Michelin Tire Commander III Cruiser Rear

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Michelin Commander III Cruiser Rear Tire

Michelin Commander III Cruiser tires offer the best wet grip and the shortest stopping distances in wet conditions among leading competitors.

Michelins Premium Touch Technology patented sidewall design of the Michelin Commander III tires enhance the styling of V-Twin motorcycles.

The front and rear tread compound use 100% silica reinforced rubber for maximum performance in wet conditions.

The new, more rounded profile as compared to the Michelin Commander II tire optimizes the contact patch across the entire profile for a more planted feel even during cornering.

To ensure the best level of performance and safety, our ranges are developed based on a uniform fitting to the front and rear. It is therefore recommended that different ranges are not mixed on the same motorcycle. If different generations are mixed, it is advisable to fit the Michelin Commander III to the front wheel.