Fork Seal Kit

Fork Seal Kit

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  • Patented fork seal features a balanced 3 lip design that evenly distributes the pressure reducing operating temperature, wear and friction.

  • Custom Elastomer Fork Seals have been tested to outlast OEM fork seals. Extends typical seal life by 3 to 5 times over OEM seals.

  • Stiction (friction) measures from 1/3 to 1/2 less than OEM seals for smoother fork action.

  • Lower Stiction, Longer Life! It doesn*t get any better than this!

  • Sold in pairs

1999KTM400 SX 4-Stroke
2000KTM125 Exc
2000KTM125 Exe
2000KTM125 SX
2000KTM200 Exc
2000KTM200 Mxc
2000KTM200 Sx
2000KTM250 EXC
2000KTM250 MXC
2000KTM250 SX
2000KTM250 SXS
2000KTM300 EXC
2000KTM300 MXC
2000KTM380 Exc
2000KTM380 Mxc
2000KTM380 Sx
2000KTM400 EXC 4-Stroke
2000KTM400 Lc4
2000KTM400 SC 4-Stroke
2000KTM400 SX 4-Stroke
2000KTM400 SXC 4-Stroke
2000KTM520 EXC 4-Stroke
2000KTM520 MXC 4-Stroke
2000KTM520 SX 4-Stroke
2000KTM640 Adventure
2000KTM640 Supermoto
2001KTM125 Exc
2001KTM125 Exe
2001KTM125 SX
2001KTM200 Exc
2001KTM200 Mxc
2001KTM200 Sx
2001KTM250 EXC
2001KTM250 MXC
2001KTM250 SX
2001KTM250 SXS
2001KTM300 EXC
2001KTM300 MXC
2001KTM380 Exc
2001KTM380 Mxc
2001KTM380 Sx
2001KTM400 EXC 4-Stroke
2001KTM400 Lc4
2001KTM400 MXC 4-Stroke
2001KTM400 SX 4-Stroke
2001KTM520 EXC 4-Stroke
2001KTM520 MXC 4-Stroke
2001KTM520 SX 4-Stroke
2001KTM640 Adventure
2001KTM640 Supermoto
2002KTM125 Exc
2002KTM125 SX
2002KTM200 Exc
2002KTM200 Mxc
2002KTM200 Sx
2002KTM250 EXC
2002KTM250 MXC
2002KTM250 SX
2002KTM250 SXS
2002KTM300 EXC
2002KTM300 MXC
2002KTM380 Exc
2002KTM380 Mxc
2002KTM380 Sx
2002KTM400 EXC 4-Stroke
2002KTM400 MXC 4-Stroke
2002KTM400 SX 4-Stroke
2002KTM520 EXC 4-Stroke
2002KTM520 MXC 4-Stroke
2002KTM520 SX 4-Stroke
2003KTM625 SXC 4-Stroke
2003KTM640 Duke Ii
2003KTM85 SX (17/14)
2004KTM105 SX
2004KTM625 Sxc
2004KTM640 Duke Ii
2004KTM85 SX (17/14)
2005KTM105 SX
2005KTM85 SX (17/14)
2005KTM85 SX (19/16)
2006KTM105 SX
2006KTM85 SX (17/14)
2006KTM85 SX (19/16)
2007KTM105 SX
2007KTM85 SX (17/14)
2007KTM85 SX (19/16)
2008KTM105 SX
2008KTM105 XC
2008KTM85 SX (17/14)
2008KTM85 SX (19/16)
2008KTM85 XC
2009KTM105 SX
2009KTM105 XC
2009KTM1190 RC8
2009KTM85 SX (17/14)
2009KTM85 SX (19/16)
2009KTM85 XC
2010KTM105 SX
2010KTM105 XC
2010KTM1190 RC8
2010KTM85 SX (17/14)
2010KTM85 SX (19/16)
2011KTM105 SX
2011KTM1190 RC8
2011KTM85 SX (17/14)
2012KTM1190 RC8
2012KTM85 SX (17/14)
2012KTM85 SXS
2013KTM85 SX (17/14)
2013KTM85 SX (19/16)
2013KTM85 SXS
2013TriumphTrophy SE 1215
2014HusqvarnaTC 85 (17/14)
2014KTM690 Duke
2014KTM85 SX (17/14)
2014KTM85 SX (19/16)
2014KTM85 SXS
2014TriumphTrophy SE 1215
2015HusqvarnaTC 85 (17/14)
2015KTM390 Duke
2015KTM690 Duke
2015KTM85 SX (17/14)
2015KTM85 SX (19/16)
2015KTM85 SXS
2015KTMFreeride 250R 4-Stroke
2015TriumphTiger 800 XCx
2015TriumphTrophy SE 1215
2016HusqvarnaTC 85 (17/14)
2016KTM390 Duke
2016KTM390 RC390
2016KTM690 Duke
2016KTM85 SX (17/14)
2016KTMFreeride 250R 4-Stroke
2016TriumphTiger 800 Xc
2016TriumphTiger 800 XCa
2016TriumphTiger 800 XCx
2016TriumphTrophy SE 1215
2017HusqvarnaTC 85 (17/14)
2017KTM390 Duke
2017KTM390 RC390
2017KTM690 Duke
2017KTM85 SX (17/14)
2017KTM85 SX (19/16)
2017KTMFreeride 250R 4-Stroke
2018HusqvarnaVitpilen 701
2018KTM390 Duke
2018KTM390 RC390
2018KTM690 Duke
2018KTM85 SX (17/14)
2019HusqvarnaSvartpilen 401
2019HusqvarnaSvartpilen 701
2019HusqvarnaVitpilen 401
2019KTM390 Duke
2019KTM390 RC390
2019KTM790 Duke
2020HusqvarnaSvartpilen 401
2020HusqvarnaSvartpilen 701
2020HusqvarnaVitpilen 401
2020HusqvarnaVitpilen 701
2020KTM390 Duke
2020KTM390 RC390
2020KTM790 Duke
2020KTM890 Duke R
2021HusqvarnaSvartpilen 401
2021HusqvarnaVitpilen 401
2021KTM200 Duke
2021KTM390 Duke
2021KTM390 RC390
2021KTM890 Duke R
2022KTM200 Duke
2022KTM390 Duke
2022KTM390 RC390
2022KTM890 Duke R