BRIDGESTONE Tire - Battlax S23 - Rear - 160/60ZR17 - 69W 15925

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Tire - Battlax S23 - Rear - 160/60ZR17 - 69W

Outstanding stability at high speeds from tuned front and rear MS Belt construction,

Excellent wet and dry grip at high lean angles due to new shoulder compound,

Superb handling and dry grip due to new front and rear tread patterns,

Contact patch optimized through Ultimat-Eye analysis*,

Comparison based on BATTLAX Hypersport S23 (120/70ZR17 & 190/55ZR17) vs previous generation BATTLAX Hypersport S22 (120/70ZR17 & 190/55ZR17) in internal testing.

Results may vary depending upon proper tire and vehicle maintenance, surface conditions, and riding habits.