Fire Power 12v / 2 Amp Battery Charger

Fire Power 12v / 2 Amp Battery Charger

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Charges and maintains all 12 volt lead acid, gel and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)/lithium ion polymer powersport batteries

    • CONSTANT CURRENT CHARGE - If the battery voltage is over 10 volts, the charger will deliver a 2 amp charge until the battery reaches 14.2 volts

    • MAINTENANCE CHARGE - When the battery reaches 14.2 volts, the charger will automatically convert to maintenance mode. The charger will revert to charge mode when the voltage drops below a specified voltage

    • LOW VOLTAGE RECOVERY - If battery voltage is below 8 volts, the charger will apply a .2 amp charge to recover the battery, once the battery reaches 8 volts, the charger will apply a .5 amp charge, at 10 volts a full 2 amp charge is applied until the batte

    • AUTOMATIC VERIFICATION STAGE - Charger automatically stops charging if the battery does not reach at least 10 volts after 2 hours of charging

    • SAFETY - Power is not passed thru the charging leads unless they are connected to a battery

    • LED indicator light shows charging status

    • Includes heavy duty clamps and fused ring terminal SAE adapter