Michelin Power Cup 2 Motorcycle Track Front Tire

Michelin Power Cup 2 Motorcycle Track Front Tire

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Bring in your wheel off the bike to receive free mount & balance. 

Michelin Power Cup 2 Tires

Engineered for the most powerful two-wheeled machines, the Power Cup 2 is a tire designed for 95% track use with DOT approval for the street. Put simply, the Michelin's Power Cup 2 is a treaded version of Michelin's Power Slick 2 non-DOT racing slick.

Michelin tuned the Power Cup 2 for safe, predictable use with or without tire warmers. Warm-up periods are short. Add tire warmers to reach the Power Cup 2 Tire's upper limits of grip even sooner.  Handling is communicative with little to no specific setup adaptations required. The tire's groove ratio is less than 5%. Dual compound construction puts a denser, more robust tread compound to the ground to cope with aggressive brake and throttle application while a softer compound increases grip at the tire's shoulder. Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT) matches these high levels of dry grip with communicative response from the carcass and sidewall at all angles of lean.

For riders with big power to put down, look no further than the Power Cup 2 from Michelin. 


  • Designed for high output liter- and open-class track machines
  • 95% track / 5% street use
  • Less than 5% groove ratio
  • Engineered for use with or without tire warmers
  • 2CT dual compound technology
  • ACT+ adaptive casing technology
  • SCT synthetic component technology
  • DOT approved