LS2 Challenger GT Americarbon Motorcycle Helmet

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The Challenger's shell is made from LS2's High-Performance Fiberglass Composite (HPFC), an advanced, proprietary fiberglass blend that is ultra-light and extremely strong, with a slight amount of flex designed to diminish and offset kinetic energy. LS2 artisans combine uniquely developed hand layups with advanced, computer-controlled technology to build the ultimate high-performance shell. LS2 uses laser technology to cut all holes in the shell with such tight tolerances that there is no need for glue or dual-sided adhesives. All vents and gaskets mount with a precision fit.
  • The eye port gasket on the Challenger uses another LS2 proprietary technology, double injection; the thin soft outer layer is bonded in the injection process to the stronger inner material, allowing for a superior seal at the face shield.
  • Dual, fully adjustable intake ports at the top are matched via channeled EPS to closeable exhaust ports at the rear; when paired with the flow separator spoiler and side vents, the rider will enjoy true, dynamic airflow.
  • The adjustable chin vent is dual-ported to assist with keeping the shield free from fog, while also keeping the rider cool and comfortable.
  • True 360 degree double density, black carbon infused EPS for the ultimate in energy management.
  • The eye port is extra wide to allow the rider to see the competition at their side, whether another motorcycle or an automobile; it is also extra tall, so they can tuck-in tight while being able to see farther down track with less strain on their neck.
  • The high performance, flat shield securely locks closed and is easily changed using the advanced quick-release system.
  • For the ultimate in fog fighting technology, the LS2 Challenger utilizes Pinlock Max, ensuring clear vision under the worst of conditions.
  • Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.05 certification.