Michelin Power GP Front Track Day Motorcycle Tire

Michelin Power GP Front Track Day Motorcycle Tire

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Michelin Power GP Tires

  • On the Power GP Tires, Michelin uses a proprietary formulation and placement of 2CT and 2CT+ "Carbon Black" compounds to create a dominate 50 / 50 track day tire. For the ultimate in grip, the surface area of slick zones is increased as the size of voids is reduced. Warm-up times are short, and the Power GPs represent the leading edge in dry performance. The Michelin Power GP Tires are DOT-approved and equally comfortable dominating the streets as they are your local circuit.  


  • 50 / 50 road and track performance
  • Incorporates Adaptive Casing Technology developed from Michelin race tires for improved grip and unique feel
  • Front tire profile optimized to promote quick turn in and accurate feedback
  • 2CT compound used on the front tire to enhance corner grip without compromising longevity
  • 2CT+ compound on rear tire reduces sidewall flex at lean and increases corner exit stability
  • Tubeless (TL)
  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph