Rock Oil Factory Eco Foam Air Filter Spray 400 mL

Rock Oil Factory Eco Foam Air Filter Spray 400 mL

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Rock Oil Factory Eco Foam has been developed to offer an easy to use high performance lubricant for Foam Air Filters.

Most Air Filter Lubricants require a further cleaning product to remove the oil after use, incurring extra cost and time when preparing filters.

Rock Oil has removed this inconvenience with Factory Eco Foam meaning cleaning and preparing filters is quick and easy.

Factory Eco Foam was also developed with the environment in mind it is a non-mineral, water soluble fluid that can be safely washed away down drains.

Factory Eco Foam is perfectly compatible with all foam filter materials and glue and it will not swell or shrink filters.

Thoroughly wash filter in suitable cleaning solution, i.e. water if Factory Eco Foam has previously been used or Factory Foam Kleen if an oil based product was previously used.

Apply thoroughly by soaking the filter in Factory Eco Foam Allow to drip dry before use – this can take 2-3 hours depending on ambient air temperature.