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Dunlop Sportsmax Roadsmart III Front Motorcycle Tire
Dunlop Sportsmax Roadsmart III Front Motorcycle Tire
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Product Description

Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires
The Dunlop Roadsmart 3 Tires feature Interconnecting Groove Tread technology and an entirely revised rayon ply carcass that, together, provide excellent wet weather grip and handling. Thanks to a redesigned front profile, the Roadsmart 3 tires require significantly less steering input then previous versions. Dunlop's MultiTread technology uses a long-wearing compound at the center and soft lateral-grip compound at the sides to provide superior grip without compromising longevity.

*Entirely revised rayon ply carcass and front profile requires less steering input and provides precise handling without sacrificing Roadsmart's trademark confidence inspiring feel and feedback
*Interconnecting Groove Tread (iGT) provides excellent water evacuation while promoting even tire wear
*MultiTread compound with tri-polymer blend and high dispersion silica mix provides increased mileage and wet weather grip
*MT compound and iGT design work together to ensure top level performance for the life of the tire