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Fieldsheer Armadillo C.E. 2 Motorcycle Back Protector
Fieldsheer Armadillo C.E. 2 Motorcycle Back Protector
Item# ACA0145
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Product Description

Armadillo Armor uses advanced materials and construction techniques to offer the industry’s leading performance protection armor. Beyond basic, this armor is designed, engineered, and tested to meet or exceed CE Level 2 standards. For over 30 years, we’ve been perfecting our armor. Light-weight, comfortable, and highly protective, Armadillo Armor is a universal solution to enhance your armor-ready motorcycle jackets and pants. Vented for breathability and 3D-molded for comfort, Armadillo Armor is best-in-class for motorcycle riders from the street to the track. Our specially blended Armadillo Armor has gone through rigorous testing and has met or exceeded CE Level 2 specifications. Our Armor is engineered and constructed with shock absorbing materials to reduce the force of impact.

-Impact Absorbing
-Perfect Fit with Fieldsheer Gear
-Universal Fit for Non-Fieldsheer Brands
-C.E. Approved EN 1621-2:2014

Length: 17.3in (440mm)
Max Width: 11.7in (298mm)
Min Width: 5.9 (150mm)
Thickness: 0.8in (21mm)